My Two Week Plan To Generate Traffic For My Blog

Mr Money Grubber
4 min readJan 15, 2021

So I am now setting out on a two-week plan to drum up some traffic for this site. Years ago I had a blog on years ago that got 200 views a day on average, which would be a fantastic goal for me to aim for right now.

That was much easier with since they drive traffic to your site through their own internal search engine. This time I’m having to drive that traffic myself, and it’s not an easy road as we all know. For me though that’s why I’m doing this business, so I can experiment, I know have a great opportunity to do so and a plan!

First, let’s talk about what I’ve tried.


I create a Twitter account for the site I have no idea why it’s not MrGrubber, but rather GrubberMr. Who knows, maybe I was just too tired while I was creating the account. Shouldn’t be a deal-breaker either way though.

I posted twice on Twitter as this screen show will show.

I’d love to say it generated a good amount of traffic but… Nope. Zero traffic. The text-only link on the bottom generated 15 views from those 2 hash tags, and the top…



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