Keep Throwing Punches

Mr Money Grubber
3 min readJan 15, 2021

To go along with my last post about Jeff Bezos analogy of baseball, Bezos: Business ideas are like baseball, except you get 1000 runs for a home run, I wanted to follow up with one of the most important concepts I’ve ever run across in life.

Bezos focused on why you should be taking at-bats, but there is something more helpful for me and that was an article by Jeff Atwood. If you don’t know who Jeff is, he started StackOverflow, the programming question and answer site, as well as Discourse, the online commenting system that a lot of large companies use to enable comments on their site.

I don’t worship success like a lot of people do but I do respect Jeff’s work. Some years back he wrote an article called How To Achieve Ultimate Blog Success In One Easy Step

The Premise and Whether it’s Valid or Not.

Its premise is that effort generally wins overall. That you should keep producing even if you are doing poorly at something, you should continue to just produce because you’ll eventually be successful.

You need to keep throwing punches, as many as you can, even if you are terrible at boxing, because without throwing punches you’ll lose for certain. And, who knows, maybe you’ll knock the other guy out.

That’s easier said than done. If 1000 runners ran a race they’d all say the same…



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