1 Week Update: 2 Week Traffic Generation Plan

Mr Money Grubber
3 min readJan 15, 2021

So the last week hasn’t exactly gone according to plan. There was a lot more to get this blog running than I realized. As I mentioned in my prior post about getting on Google Ad Words, I was rejected.

In last week I posted 2 more ads for this site but both were rejected. Same reason, malicious software. I’ve done plenty of checking online but no dice. Google has their own site scanner which will tell you if the content is appropriate in order to be indexed but even that the site is fine.

I’d say this is a bit of the downside of using something like WordPress. The features it has are fantastic but the complexity leaves you in a position where you aren’t sure about why things aren’t working. Had I written my own simple blogging system this wouldn’t be an issue.

Going through the remediation process I saw that some images weren’t being loaded over HTTPS, they were HTTP, which is a strange thing for WordPress to even worry about. They should be using relative urls for these images.

Anyway, that’s enough complaining about Google Ad Words. I also used the official Mr Money Grubber Twitter account to post about the articles I wrote but I’m getting zero clicks on that. I’m only getting about 20 impressions so even using tags isn’t helping.

Actually getting listed on Google was somewhat more effective in that some pages did finally get listed. However, only one page, my post about Jeff Bezos, is actually listed. The rest are strange…



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